101 WP Plugins

NO ONE wants to sift through the 47,457 plugins in the WordPress repository so he did it for you…

At the time of writing this post, there are 76.5 million sites in the world using WordPress. That’s a lot. But why do so many people use WordPress? Well, a lot of reasons but a few stand out… it’s free, it’s easy to setup and uses and it’s loaded with functionality.

One of the major components of WordPress is its plugins. There are currently 47,457 plugins in the WordPress repository. Most can be used to their full ability for free.

But here’s the problem, there are too many plugins. No one wants to sift through the 47,000+ plugins to find a few you like. So, I did it for you, kinda. I went through and found some of the coolest, most underused plugins that will totally pimp your WordPress site and listed them below (in no particular order).

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