Blogging Tips

1) First you need to decide what type of blog you want. If it is a business blog, it needs to be a little more informational, but still informal, so that the staff who read it, actually want to read it and don’t just see it as “work stuff“. If it is a personal blog then it needs to be a little more fun.

2) Blogging is not as formal as a standard web page. The reader does not necessarily expect prefect English. In fact it can make it seem more accessible and friendly, if the blog is written in a more conversational style rather than just telling the reader what it is that you want to convey to them.

3) Picking your niche carefully is very important if you are intending to make money from your blog. Do not choose too wide a niche or you will find it hard to compete with the big sites and blogs. So rather than health and fitness you might try, exercise for the office, or the home workers guide to staying fit. This gives you more chance of ranking well in your niche.

4) Go to the Overture keyword selector tool to find good keywords for your blog. Type in what your blog is about and it will give you a list of keywords to use in your blog that the search engines look for, so search engines will send you traffic.

5) Try to vary the keywords that you use to give yourself a better chance. Many search engine specialists think that the search engines look for a keyword density of around 2-3%. This means that for every 100 words that you write the keyword will be mentioned 2-3 times. But do not let this affect your style of our writing. It is very important that it sounds interesting to your readers.

6) Post regularly but not too much. When you start to build up a readership, you need to post regularly to keep them coming back. But don’t start posting dozens of times a day, or your blog may be seen as Spam by the search engines and this could have a serious effect on your ranking.

7) Always “ping” your blog when you add a new post. “Pinging” is a way of letting the search engines know that you have added content to your blog. You just need to go to a pinging site such as pingoat or pingomatic and fill in the details of your blog. Then when you add posts, just go to their site and click the ping button.

8) Add your blog to Technocrati and Bloglines. These are blog search engines and you need to add your blog to them and give them a rough outline of your blog. Try to make it sound interesting so that readers who find your blog listing, will want too see what it is about.

9) To get more traffic to your site you can submit articles to article directories such as Ezine Articles, with the address of your blog in the resource box, so that readers who like your articles can click through to read your blog. You can submit to many more directories by using an article submission service like Article Marketer.

10) Another good way to get traffic is to join forums that are on the same subject as your blog. They very often have a sig box that appears on all of your posts where you can add you blog address so that when people read your posts they can click through.

11) One of the easiest ways to get income from your blog is too add Adsense ads to it. These are ads that are put on your blog by Goggle and you get paid every time someone clicks them. You just apply to Goggle for an account and they just give you a small piece of code to add to your site and the ads show up automatically.

12) Another good way to get income from your blog is to add affiliate programs to it. This means that whenever one of your readers buys one of the things that are advertised you receive a percentage of the amount. Two of the best affiliate programs are through Clickbank and Commission Junction.

13) Even when your blog is up and running and you have good steady traffic to your blog, do not think that they will just keep on going to your blog if you do not post regularly. Blog readers can be very fickle and the best way to keep them is to give them new things to read so that they will keep coming back.