Google Ad Sense Tips

1) When you are running an Ad Sense campaign, it is important to make sure that you are testing all of the different possibilities to make sure that you are getting the highest click through rate. Try placing the ads in different places on your site and using different color combinations, but is sure to allow each one the same time to work to make sure that your tests are equal.

2) Although testing is necessity, there are certain areas for your ads that are thought to be more likely to encourage a greater click through than others. For instance, above the page footer and below the top-level navigation and on the top left hand side, below the top-level navigation are thought to be very good. But near the middle above the main content is thought to be best.

*3) Although it may seem to be a good idea, do not try to make your ads stand out from the other content on your page. The readers did not go to your site to click on ads, but to read the content and you are more likely to get a better click through if they blend in with the content.

*4) Some people think that it is bad to put Ad Sense on too many pages. But if you are going for the Ad Sense revenue then it is important to give them as much chance to click through as possible. After all not all of them will arrive at your home page if they have found you through the search engines.

*5) You can place up to 3 ad blocks on each page but try to make them blend in with the rest of the text as much as possible so that there is not just a group of 3 ad blocks with a lot of content completely separate from it.

*6) Google has run tests that show that; horizontal ads generally work better than vertical ones. The idea being that the eye is more used to reading horizontally and so is more likely to be familiar with this layout. Larger rectangular ads that read horizontally are also though to be very good.

*7) If you have 3 ad blocks but still want more on your pages then you can also ad one of Googles link units. These are small blocks of links that take the reader to a page of ads that are related to the topic of your site in the same way that the usual text ads do.

8) It is always good to get high-quality ads on your pages, but not necessarily from your competitors. If you are getting unwanted ads on your site, Google has a tool called the “Competitive Ad Filter”that allows you to choose to disallow certain ads from your site.

9) If you want to help your customers search your site you can put a Google search box on it. This also helps you, as if they click on any of the ads that they see while searching then you get the commission.

10) If you are trying to target a particular type of Google ad for your site but it keeps putting up a different type then you need to make sure that the keyword that is related to the ads that you are targeting is repeated enough in the page so that Ad sense knows that that is what the page is about.

*11) When deciding on what words to target go to the Overture bid tool and type in the words that you are thinking of so, that you can see how much advertisers are bidding in Overture for them and what would be the best words for you to use.

12) Putting pictures that are likely to be on the same subject as the ads can improve click through, but make sure that you do not put pictures of people looking at the ads or in any way indicating that people should click on the ads as Google do not allow this.

13) Join Ad sense forums, as it is always a good idea to keep up with what is going on and you can get some really good tips and information on the best way to make more money from you Adsense ads and there are usually some people who can really give you good advice on how to improve your earnings.