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Hay fever is a common condition, affecting between 10%-30% of people worldwide. It is generally not dangerous in and of itself, but when combined with other conditions it can both complicate and intensify them, and vice versa.

Hay fever is the more commonly used name for allergic rhinitis, and affects individuals of all ages. It happens when our immune systems are overactive and mistake common substances in the environment to be dangerous, and our bodies then launch an attack against these supposed invaders.

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Below are the articles that you get inside:

  • Are You Sure You’ve Got Hay Fever
  • Complications from Hay Fever
  • Hay Fever Causes and Symptoms
  • How to Help Your Child in the Hay Fever Season
  • How to Manage Hay Fever during the Exam Period
  • Myths about Hay Fever
  • Natural Remedies for Hay Fever
  • Prevention Tips for Hay Fever
  • Tips for Checking the Pollen Count
  • Treatment Options for Hay Fever
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