Opt in List Building Tips

1) Create a content site that is on the same topic as the list that you are building with lots of keyword rich articles so that you get traffic from the search engines, then add an opt in email form so that people that enjoyed your site can sign up for your newsletter or ezine.

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2) Offer a free gift as an incentive for people to sign up for your list. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, but it should be something that is useful to the people that you want to subscribe to your list. Most people will look at a sign up more favorably if they behave an incentive.

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3) Create a viral ebook. Instead of trying to sell an ebook to make money, why not give it away? Then you can fill it full of affiliate links and links to your opt in list complete with free offer. And then encourage list owners to use it as a free give away to their list.

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4) Start a contest on your site. Give away something of real value to the winner of the contest, but of course they have to join the contest by signing up to your list. But make sure that whatever you are giving away is good enough to encourage people to join the competition.

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5) If you already have a list and are looking to get more subscribers then you could get in touch with the owner of a similar list or ezine and arrange to recommend each other to your lists. Most people do not just sign up to just one list so it could be a great arrangement.

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6) You can also pay to advertise in other ezines that are on a similar topic to your own. It can be expensive, depending on the amount of subscribers, but the bigger they are the more signups you are likely to get. But write your ad carefully; a well-written ad can make a lot of difference to the amount of sign ups you get.

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7) Pay per click advertising can be a great way to get new subscribers but you have to work our whether it will pay for itself. With pay per click you need to be very careful that it does not end up costing you more money than it makes.

8) If you sell a product or service, after they have paid, on your thank you page, ask them if they would like to opt in to your list so that you can keep them informed of any future free upgrades to the product that they have bought.

9) On your sign up page, offer a free seven-day course, delivered by auto responder, on the topic of the site, if they would like to sign up. Make sure that it is very useful to those that go to your site and that they know that it is free.

10) Don’t just tell people on your site about your ezine; sell it to them in the same way that you would sell them anything else. Make sure they know that it will be useful to them and not just trying to sell them things. You can even add testimonials from other subscribers as you would with a sales page.

11) Write helpful and informative articles on the topic of your ezine and submit them to article directories such as Ezine Articles. Then add the address of your sign up page in the resource box so that they can click through to sign up to your list.

12) If you have more than one list, when people sign up, put the links to sign up pages for your other lists on the thank you page along with a note as to what they are about and that you advise your new subscribers to sign up to them also.

13) There are specific list building programs, such as list opt and listdotcom if you are prepared to put in the work of building a down line of subscribers, then these can be very good. But it is best to look for recommendations as to which are the best for your niche.