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While many would-be authors aspire to publish a book, the reality is, most never do. There are many reasons this occurs, but one of the most prevalent is that those who might write a book have heard that only very few book proposals are accepted by publishers. With such a huge barrier to entry, some don’t even attempt it as a result.
Fortunately, thanks to advances in technology, particularly in regards to the publishing industry, it has become much easier for an aspiring author to have a published book.

The costs associated with printing a small number of books has decreased substantially, thereby allowing more people to become authors, as they no longer have to pay the high minimum costs that once characterized the book printing industry.
Now that authors are able to get published for a lot less money out of pocket, it is imperative that they be made aware of these new parameters, so they can entertain the possibility of finally making their dream a reality.

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