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Foolproof Plugin Outsourcing

With this 8-part video and audio course you will learn how to develop WordPress plug-ins for a fraction of the cost and how to find the right programmer. Video 1 – Introduction Video 2 – Skill Sets Video 3 – Personality Video 4 – Best Freelance Sites Video 5 – Research Video 6 – How Much You Should Expect To Pay? Video 7 – Crafting The Job Posts Video 8 – Search Parametars Submitted On: 05 Jul […]

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Foolproof Plugin Design

  How to Quickly and Easily Create Your Own Hot-Selling WordPress Plugin!  If you are a web developer and you want to make lots of money online, selling a Premium WordPress Plugin is one of the effective ways to do it. What if you don’t know how to code and you want to dive into this industry? The answer to that question is Yes! Even If You Don’t Know A Single Line Of Code… Starting Today, This […]

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RSS Pro WordPress Plugin

  Here’s An Easy Way To Add Search Engine Friendly, Regularly Updated Content To Your WordPress Blogs! If you are a niche marketer or blogger, chances are you may have more than one blogs to manage to make your income grow. The thing with having lots of sites to manage is the creation of the content and making it rank go Google and other major search engines in the internet. The good thing is that, if your […]

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