Web Traffic Tips

1) One of the easiest ways to build up traffic to your website is to do article marketing. You simply write an article that is on the same topic as your website and that contains information that people would like to read and submit it to article directories with you site address in the resource. Then people that want content for their ezine or website can use your article and the people that read it can click the link to your site.

2) Reciprocal linking is where you find another site that has been built around a similar topic to yours and you contact the site owner or webmaster and ask them if they would like to put a link to your site in exchange for a link to theirs. This can help your ranking in the search engines.

3) One way links are even better than reciprocal linking if the site is on a similar subject to yours, as you do not have to give a back link to the other site. The easiest way to find sites to link to yours is to type in “your site theme”, “add url” or “add your site” and then you should get some sites that will add your link.

4) If you are trying to drive traffic to a simple 1 or 2 page sales site then you may not get much traffic from the search engines because of the lack of content. You could build a content site by using articles from directories and writing some of your own, on a similar topic that will get traffic from the search engines and link to your sales site from there.

5) One way to drive traffic through content to your site without writing yourself, is to have a page where your readers can submit their own articles to your site and get content that way. Especially if it is a site that many people would have an interest in, such as something that people do for their hobbies, then you might get a lot of extra content that way.

6) Join a forum that is linked with the topic of your site and add your site address to your sig box so that your site address shows up when you post to the forum. Make sure that you add value to the forum so that your site is seen in a good light.

7) Add a forum to your site. People like to have their say and if you add a forum to your site, it can be a good way of keeping people coming back to your site to join in with the discussions. Make sure that the topic is related to your site and what it is selling.

8) Make sure that you have submitted your site to all of the major search engines. The search engines can give you a great deal of free traffic, but be patient as it may take a while for them to index your site and start to send traffic.

9) Buying links is a good way to give your site a bit more credibility with the search engines and get some traffic from high page rank sites to yours. It does cost money but if you do it right it can pay off.

10) It is also possible to buy advertising space on other web sites with a similar theme to yours. If you find a good site then just email the owner and ask if they would be interested in selling some adverting space to you. Then just put a text link or banner ad on their site.

11) Google Ad words are a good way to drive traffic to your site. You just go to Google ad words and start an account and then you can advertise your site automatically on any site that is linked with the keywords that you give them. But read up on it first and set a daily limit so that you don’t spend too much.

12) Buying traffic can be good and profitable, but you have to be very careful, as a great deal of the traffic that is sold is no use at all. If you see one that you want to use, go to a marketing forum and ask if anyone else has used it to find out if it is any good. Never buy traffic that you have not researched.

13) You can buy expired an domain that still gets traffic and redirect it to your own website, but you need to make sure that the traffic is similar to the traffic that you need for your site and sales. There are companies that specialize in this and it is usually best to do this through a reputable company so that the traffic and price are right.